i have a project idea what should i do ?


If you read this article, you have already been a definite project  idea, The idea is that for very important people, we might think that you have done 50% of the work, 50% looks like a nice statistic, but it really is necessary to look at how things work.

Yeah! A large part of the project is idea, If you have a strong idea that you believe, you have come to the end of them, but is it over?Of course no, because an achievement is to the people behind it, the more you stand back, the more successful you will be.

I want to talk about a word I heard a long time ago, A professor at the university once said:

The life of a software / progeny that has stopped developing is half the time of birth!

It is understandable from here that development, evolution, and coding must be infinite or as long as possible. You can read the following article related to the infinity of the software.

The things you need to do to improve your ideas are listed below.


Take a paper and a pencil to your hand, and ask yourself the following questions;

  • Who will use this project?
  • How long will the project users spend here?
  • Who is the project interested  or not interested?
  • Are there any pros of the project? What if they are?
  • How much time can I devote to the project?
  • What do I need to be able to do the project?

Try to answer such questions. If you answer all the questions in enough quantities, you can proceed to the next step.


Do not hesitate to take an opinion, do not think that your idea is stolen,There is an idea of theft, but you can ignore it in the first place, In fact, there are options such as trademark registration and patents for this, but you will get a domain that I recommend to you. Having a domain for short-term protection will save you.

Yes, if you have a domain, we usually recommend you to opt for the .com domain, because search engines such as google should opt for better indexing. Now we have mentioned that in order to create a landing page.

In this page;

  • Talk about what kind of services you will provide
  • Make surveys
  • Ask them to provide feedback
  • Advertise on social media (Facebook, Twitter…)

İPeople will tell you that this is true or false and at the end of the day something in your head will come alive

Okay?                     Continue?

🙁                               🙂



Some projects are so beautiful, there is nowhere to go, even the age to get rid of the cement, but not the time went hoop crumble.

Yes, these dreams can be torn down, you will not be enthusiastic, you will be cool from everything I think I will fail, but once you think about it, the big city of Istanbul is surrounded by dozens of times but not taken by anyone. One of the “Fatih” is a place that does not look at this point of view and do the timing well, follow your opponents we are not in vain, shake what people want, what they do not follow them well and try to guess where and when.


You’ve done everything and you’ve decided that I will do this. Now what’s next? Each intellectual; At the same time it needs to be pushed by some and take the first step, You may not be a good developer, but your work is easier, but not everybody is born as a developer, but check out the internetite to make the first step in the project, make sure you are yourself and progeny so you can do something. If you take advantage of the following content, it will be beneficial to your development and offer you the option to complete the progeny

  • Blogs
  • Video content
  • Prepared Trainings
  • Books
  • Forums


1.Hire a Domain!

Domain today, many websites offer domain services. Immediately do a search on google and search for and rent domains.

2. Design a Landing Page!

Add a hosting, vps service to your domain and make it a landing page, available free of charge, you can find it here.

3. Create an e-mail newsletter!

Talk to your web pages about your users’ services and ask them to enter an email

4. Advertise!

Advertise on social platforms like Facebook, twitter, etc. We told you that it is possible to reach massive amounts with a low budget.


5. Ask for help from your friends!

Yes, ask your friends for help, ask them to make good and bad comments and even ask them to make bad comments, because they can see and tell you what you can not see. You may not have wasted your time without being thrown into an adventure that may be bad at the end, and may also speed up speed in good constructive interpretations.

At the end of the day


🙂                                  🙁


If you succeed, we would like to ask you to continue, but the other option is to pick you up here





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